Provision in the Valley

I wonder why so many of us hanker after the mountain top experience? Sure, to climb to great heights and look out across the vista takes our breath away and shows us the magnificence of creation and the creator but isn’t it strange that on the highest places we see very little vegetation. Not much can grow at high altitude where the extremities of weather are prevalent. Rain falls; snow and ice cling on grimly to the rocky crags; but ultimately the water they contain is destined for the valley, refreshing as it cascades, bringing life and vitality.

We cannot survive by living on the mountain tops, most of our lives is spent in the valley. As our prayer group met this morning, I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘there is provision in the valley’. Living in austere times this might seem hard for us to comprehend, but surely the God who has kept so far, will continue to do so. Our needs will be many and varied, societal needs seem beyond our control or comprehension but He is our provider.

Lord I do not know how or why, there is much I do not comprehend, but I put my trust in your You, thanking You, that there is provision in the valley.