Highland Cows and Coffee-Mageddon

Last week I said that I would tell you this story about my recent coffee disaster. As I was approaching Sywell Country Park there were two Highland cows grazing on the hedgerow of the approach road. These two mischievous creatures had crossed the electric fence and then squeezed through a gap in the hedge and were oblivious to the danger. After parking the car, with a friend’s help we were able to herd the cows back through the gap in the hedgerow and into the field. These docile creatures then crossed over the electric fence which had come off its anchor post. We were then able to reinstate the fence.

The cattle had been in various fields around the reservoir for the last few weeks, but this was the closest they had been to the car park; so back I went to the car to get the camera to take some bovine beauty shots. I open my bag only to discover that I had not secured the top of my flask. The bag was a swamp of coffee but worst of all was that the camera was swimming in it. Gingerly I removed the camera drying it as well as I could but was bitterly disappointed to find coffee in the lens and the LCD display not working. All through the walk I was thinking how utterly stupid I had been!

My friend suggested that I put the camera in the airing cupboard to dry and this was also suggested online. I opened all the apertures on the camera, removed the battery, lens and SD card and made sure that it was as dry as possible. My camera has been a constant companion for a long time and now all I could do was wait.

Twenty-four hours later, I installed the battery and turned on the machine, now the LCD display was functioning, but the image was still blurred as the internal mirror was damp. Forty-eight hours later I was delighted to find that everything was working correctly.

I think that over time we can become complacent over the things that we cherish and fail to give them the attention they deserve. This is also true of our relationships; we can become so familiar that we fail to see how we are drifting into complacency. Another life lesson learnt!