Small Beginnings

It started with just the germ of an idea, a faint stirring in my spirit, a longing or maybe it was a calling. I’ve had an interest in photography for several years and the advent of the digital camera was so exciting. The prospect of storing a digital image that you could view on a large screen, not worrying how many shots you had left on a reel of film. Also not having to wait for the prints to come back from the developers.

I was given as a Christmas present a small Samsung compact camera and this travelled with me everywhere from my local park to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, easy to use but I did miss the second hand Fujica SLR that we were given. Today I’m using a Cannon EOS600D and although its not the latest model, it serves me well and even survived coffee-mageddon, but I’ll tell you that story another time.

Last year in the summer my job was made redundant and I was feeling burnt out and jaded and knew that I needed some time to recuperate. A few months earlier I had decided I needed to lose weight and started using a fitness app, so as well as controlling my calorific input it was recommending exercise several times a week. The thought of working out in a gym has no interest for me, I love swimming but the pools were closed because of the pandemic,but I also enjoy walking.

I’m an early morning person and naturally wake around 6 AM, so most days I’m out of the house and walking by 7. Taking my camera with me at all times, coming home processing the images and then posting my pictures on social media. Then came that faint idea could I develop my hobby and become my new venture? It has taken almost 10 months of waiting, but this calling has not gone away, so this week I’ve started listing some of the pictures for sale on

I know that I’ve much to learn but it feels like I’ve taken my first steps. Like each walk that we take, it all starts with the first steps. I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Oh and by the way I sold my first picture on the second day

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