Roll away the Stone

This Easter I have been drawn to look not only the resurrection of Jesus but that of Lazarus. There was a purpose to both, both were to engender faith In Jesus Christ and what was and is to come.

Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus was seriously ill, he was on the point of death. Jesus was not in town, if he came their brother could be healed. Jesus receives the message but chooses to delay by two days. I would have found this strange and puzzling, but there was a greater purpose; that the disciples would believe.

Martha has an understanding of the resurrection, she believes that her brother will be raised to life on the last day. Martha’s belief would have been contrary to that of  the Sadducees, the question of life beyond the grave is one that has persisted throughout the centuries.

Then Jesus declares “I am the resurrection and the Life.” “Do you believe this?” Martha believes He is the Christ the Messiah, but I think it is easy to look from our modern day perspective of what is meant by the Christ. She would most probably have been viewing this for her wold view, longing for a  deliverer to come and set them free from the tyranny of Rome.

Jesus commands that the stone be rolled away from the tomb, and He calls Lazarus out, he comes to life and they have to remove the grave clothes, but what was remembered that day.? What was kindled? What faith was ignited?

Shortly afterwards the disciples, those closest to Jesus were at their lowest point, the one in whom they had their hopes and dreams had been crucified, and buried in a sealed tomb with a sealed guard.

Was it sense of duty that caused the women to go to the tomb on that Sunday morning? Or was their just the faintest hope, that what Jesus had said was true? What were they expecting to find?  The stone had been rolled away, the grave was empty, the grave clothes had been neatly folded.

I wonder if it was then they remembered that Jesus said ” I am the Resurrection and the Life.”

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