A Better Time to Come

Today I have been thoroughly heartened by how churches are being creative using modern technology to bring the gospel and messages of hope. It has just got me thinking in a global world that is now so individually isolated, the spreading of the gospel could be restricted. Yet as I shared my social media feed this morning while watching our church’s live stream service, I wondered how many people this was connecting with, so much wider than our normal congregation. Each of us have friends or followers, by sharing in this way we are professing our faith, we can stand together on God’s promises, we can receive comfort and solace, we can be spurred into action.

The bible clearly tells us that Jesus will return, we do not know when, but the days are getting shorter. The Holy Spirit can not be contained, and the good news will flourish.

These maybe dark and uncertain times but the Light of the World is shining, and He has promised never to leave or forsake us.

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