Straight paths (part one)

5Trust in the LORD with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding.

6In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He will make your paths straightl. Proverbs 3:5-6

Have you ever wandered? Of course you have. Sometimes it is a wonderful thing to do, it allows you to see things from a different view point or angle. One of our best holidays was shortly after we had been married. We decided that we would have a back packing holiday and walk from Plymouth to Lyme Regis along the south Devon costal path. We thought we had prepared going out for long walks every weekend in preparation . We packed our newly purchased ruck sacks checked our lists over and over again, checked the windows and doors were locked, train tickets, money we were ready. We shuddered to a halt as we could hardly lift the rucksack, catering for every eventuality we had simply packed too much.

After discarding a lot of items we set off, the first day was miserable with sea mist rolling in. Wet through, only able to see a few hundred metres in front of us, with the sound of the sea crashing on the cliffs to our right hand side. Bedraggled after several miles we stopped to readjust our load and tie our boot laces outside a cottage. A kindly voice asked “would you like to come in and have a hot drink”. This act of kindness lifted our spirits and after a while we resumed our adventure guide book in hand. The path led down to the river estuary and the sign said “shout ferry”. FERRY I bellowed and from the far shore a little boat chugged it’s way over collected these weary adventurers and carry us over to the far shore and our camp site.

As we moved further inland the sun broke through the mist, and although tired our, our spirits soared and our strength was renewed.

A few things that we learned that apply to our walk with Jesus.

Travel light

You might not always have a great view

Acts of kindness make a huge difference

The sun will break through

Your strength will be renewed.














3 thoughts on “Straight paths (part one)

  1. Well I never! Fancy meeting you here. Your post reminds me so much of times when life is hard but the sun breaks through, metaphorically and literally. My latest poem takes up this theme and my references to God are quite subtle while yours are out there!

  2. Well fancy meeting you here! The references to the sun shining as a sign of hope remind me of times when the sun has broken through in difficult times ( metaphorically) and it will during these scary times too. My references to God are subtle while yours are out there! My son has suggested I use other platforms for spreading The Word now that services are cancelled.

  3. I have a Facebook page and an instagram account, you can link from Word Press to directly post to Facebook

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