Pressing on

Here in the United Kingdom, we are only a few weeks from a General Election and I find myself totally disenfranchised. There is not one party that shares my view point and to vote is going to put me in a position of compromise.

I do not intend to enter political discourse, but I am disturbed by the polarisation of opinion and find that not one party holds the centre ground.

I would love there to be discourse without derision.

I would love there be truth and humility.

I don’t want to be courted by empty rhetoric and hollow promises, I want to hear frank opinion on where our nation stands and I want to hear reasoned practical solutions.

After the final vote has been cast and counted, and despite whichever party forms the next government; these are the truths on which I will stand.

Jesus will be still on His throne, He will still be Lord of Lords and King of a Kings. He will be the everlasting rock, He will be my anchor, He will be my salvation and He will be the Light of the World. He alone will be the one on whom I trust and depend, confident that the one who has gone on before me, will one day call me home; and that is why I am pressing on.

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